Hi Mark,

I trust you are well and that this message will get to you - please let me know if it does. I just thought I would say a little something about you and your business.

Firstly there is Nestler's the man - otherwise known as Mark. One would have to go a long, long way to find a more likable, honest, upright and integrous person. Mark is not only pleasant and polite to deal with, but a deal is a deal and he sticks to it. We absolutely loved having you and your associates around and watching the interaction you have with your staff and associates was just priceless. You demonstrated being a man of high values and principles and today those are priceless virtues.

Secondly there is Nestler's the product. To say that your product has taken ten years off the age of our house would be an understatement. The design and fit is fantastic and it all just blended into one superb outcome. The quality is sensational and your ability to create solutions on the fly, priceless. It's just a pity you only do roofing otherwise I would have you doing a lot more around our house.

At a time when hiring a trade is risky at best, our experience with you has been nothing but outstanding and has given us hope that there are still decent trade's people out there. Thank you Mark for a magnificent outcome and don't be afraid to use me as a reference - I would gladly add my voice to your cause!

Best regards,

Mirko and Franca

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