About Nestler’s Cladding

Nestlers Versatile Cladding, established over 25 years, is a family owned business and a mainstay in Melbourne’s roof restoration industry, capable of repairing and fully restoring all types of roofs. Prior to setting up this venture, I gained experience in the roof restoration by working for various professional roof restoration and roof tiling companies.

I specialise in resolving issues in houses or commercial buildings that have either a faulty building design, bad workmanship or building materials that have failed.

As a tradesman, my goal is to offer strong, user-friendly, aesthetic and long-lasting cladding that would make the client happy. To this end, last year saw the development of my own colour coated zincalume cladding.  This newly designed cladding is ideal for the overall house exterior and the roof as well, with its very flush finishing offering a high fire rating. I firmly believe that my new roof cladding, although still requiring trialing before market launch, has helped achieve the goals my team and I have set out for ourselves.

Further advantages of Nestlers Versatile Cladding are that we give our clients several options on how the cladding can be positioned on their homes. Also, we can offer a large palette of colours and our professional advice to assist client in installing our products themselves if they so choose or have us install it for them.

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